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Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Cafe De Wheels

Posted Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Carolinas are home to many unique culinary rules and traditions. First, there's no "pop" down there, fellow Yanks. Only soda. In South Carolina, liquor stores are identified by at least one prominent red dot on the front of the building and often serve up boiled peanuts sold in small paper bags. Waffle Houses and Huddle Houses abound. Frogmore Stew is neither a stew nor does it contain frogs. And She-crab soup, a bisque-like concoction of heavy cream, Atlantic blue crab and fish stock, can be found in many restaurants showcasing the region.

Ladles, a new soup and sandwich shop located in front of the giant Oakley Kroger Marketplace near Crossroads Church and Cinemark, is such a restaurant. Founded in Charleston, South Carolina, the small regional chain operates all its franchises in the Carolinas, except for the one peculiar standout in Oakley. This gives Northerners a rare opportunity to try a bowl of the restaurant's signature dish: She-crab soup.

Ladles offers ten soups, including a "soup of the day." There are a dozen sandwich varieties as well as several salad and burger options.

As someone who spent most of his summers in Beaufort, South Carolina, I had low expectations. But damn if I wasn't pleasantly surprised.

On our first visit, my girlfriend and I stepped up to the counter and placed our order after absorbing the menu. She chose a cup of the watermelon gazpacho soup of the day and half a Ladles Club sandwich ($8). I chose a combo that included a sizeable bowl of She-crab soup, half a Turkey Bacon Griller sandwich and a small roll infused with rosemary ($9.70). Sourdough, pumpernickel, honey wheat and other roll varieties are also available.

watermelon gazpacho Half a Ladles club with cup of watermelon gazpacho
She-crab soup and griller sandwich Half a Turkey Bacon Griller, a bowl of She-crab soup and roll

My half sandwich was served on grilled rye bread with turkey, bacon, Swiss, tomato and mayo. The Southern-style She-crab soup, made from real lump crab meat, was equal parts spicy and hearty and creamy and delicious. The sandwich was toasty and satisfying, and the rosemary roll made a great dipping vehicle for the She-crab soup.

My girlfriend particularly enjoyed her gazpacho, a traditionally cold dish that was light and refreshing, with a spicy finish. With summer fast on the horizon, cold soups like this one will prove essential to their business.

Prices are reasonable and portions are fair, particularly the large bowls of soup. Ladles also offers those dining in an "endless bowl of soup" option for $8.95 and a soup sampler consisting of three soups and a roll for $7.95.

Ladles quickly turned two skeptical patrons into fans.

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Price: Cheap (under $11 per person)
Service: Good
Rating: 3.0 out of 43.0 stars

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  • From Jessica about Ladles:
    I'm also a fan of the she-crab! My husband and I also really like that Ladles offers 3 quarts of frozen soup for $12! Handy way to have something on hand for those nights when you just want to enjoy some tasty soup in your pjs!
    posted: Sun., May 22nd, 2016 @ 6:14 PM
  • From Cincinnati Bites about Bella Luna:
    Several bloggers have commented on the bread pudding --can't recall if I'd tried it a decade ago-- but will definitely give it a try next time.
    posted: Thu., Jan 7th, 2016 @ 10:37 AM
  • From TJ Jackson about Bella Luna:
    The only good thing we have found at Bella Luna, and it is very, VERY good, is the bread pudding
    posted: Wed., Jan 6th, 2016 @ 4:33 PM
  • From Jennifer about Aladdin's Eatery:
    Alladins is one place we miss since moving to Dayton. Mark loves their salad with chicken. I love their side salad, lentil soup, rolled pitas and hummus. I agree about the unheated pitas being unremarkable. Their desserts are good too. Just nice to have a restaurant that serves fairly healthy food and with a lot yummy vegetarian options.
    posted: Fri., Jan 1st, 2016 @ 7:53 AM
  • From Jane about Django Western Taco:
    Django is under new ownership. There are changes going on with the menu, but hopefully it will all work out. I first noticed that the "complementary" chips and salsa are no longer complementary - there is a charge for chips and salsa now. And the salsa is served in a very, very small vessel. Very disappointing. The portions are considerably smaller and missing key ingredients that used to be included. Taco Tuesdays are a thing of the past. On the upside, Sunday brunch is returning at the end of November. I will hold off on my final judgment hoping that things will settle down......but for now, I'm highly disappointed.
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    Dude! Dont go all vegan on us! :-)
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    11 dollars for pot pie?

    I hope it was served with a 5 dollar bill on the side

    Then again, I might pay 11 dollars at this point for one from Tom's Pot Pies
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